A Heartfelt Thank You from Musana Jewelry

Gino, I hope this email finds you well. This is Linden Baker with Musana Jewelry. We met on Saturday and you showed Tina and I how to use your hand-crank sewing machines. Thank you SO much for your incredibly generous donation. We can't thank you … [Read more]

Learning to sew in Peru

Action photos from one of the latest humanitarian expeditions to Peru. The team was able to take two sewing machines with them. The machines were a big hit. Women in the rural community will use them to repair clothing and improve life. … [Read more]

El Bichito Update: Sewing Backpacks in Peru

Update from Anna Solomon, the intern working at El Bichito in Cajamarca, Peru. (El Bichito means little bug, it is the name of a community center run by Eagle Condor and the local community which houses a sewing school and sewing machines available … [Read more]

Sewing Hope in Peru

In the hustle and bustle of trying to finish as much as possible on the drop-in center, I was worried we would not have enough time to start teaching the ladies at El Bichito some sewing lessons. Finally on our second to last day, we had some time in … [Read more]